The Fifteen 20 Rise Conservative Leaders
The Fifteen 20 Rise Conservative Leaders
Felecia Killings

Welcome to The Fifteen 20 Rise Conservative Leaders

Helping Conservative Reach More Black Voters with Their God-Focused Message

Attention Conservatives!

Are you looking for more effective ways to reach Black voters?
If so, The Fifteen 20 Rise Conservative Leaders of America is just for you.

The Fifteen 20 Rise Conservative Leaders of America

As a member and leader, you will connect with influencers, ministry leaders, and community activist from across the country who will equip you with:

  • deeper understanding of the plight of Black people in America
  • deeper understanding of what conservative values mean to most Black Americans
  • deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate with Black Democratic voters so they begin to vote for conservative candidates
  • an effective strategy in place that will help you as a Conservative reach and empower Black voters
  • an effective strategy that will help upcoming Black Conservative Leaders develop their own initiatives that will impact their communities

Felecia Killings, Visionary of The Fifteen 20 Rise Movement

For nearly two decades, she has provided educational training to thousands of people, all within the public, private, and virtual space.

She has shared many lessons regarding Black history with her social media audience, helping them to better understand why certain people believe what they believe.

Her experience is further supported by her academic training. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in English; a BA in African and African American Studies; and an MA in Education with special emphasis in teaching, each one acquired from the University of California, Davis.

More importantly, her knowledge and understanding regarding this matter comes from her time spent with the Holy Spirit. As He desires with all people, God wants each of us to follow His precepts and standards because they lead to life.

As a fellow Conservative and one who finds her values aligning with God's Word, she and others have an obligation to share such truths with others.

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